File Commit Branch Date Message

553f8d2master2018-1-12Remove lto for sysmodules




41f32edmaster2018-1-5Remove the need for hardcoding the horizontal positions for the xs in mul...

69604aemaster2018-1-5Remove the need for hardcoding the horizontal positions for the xs in mul...

849d03bmaster2018-1-5Remove the need for hardcoding the horizontal positions for the xs in mul...

bbadf84master2018-1-4struct fb shouldn't be packed

acc50aamaster2018-1-4Merge branch 'master' of

522f105master2018-1-1Merge pull request #995 from joel16/master

27f352fmaster2017-12-28Merge pull request #991 from Qyriad/master

1572bfdmaster2017-12-27[sm] Fix process unregistering logic bug (fixes #984)

2a840f2master2017-12-18Minor date/time conversion loop style fixes

4eaf791master2017-12-18Merge pull request #937 from Hayleia/timestamped-screenshots

be0f50bmaster2017-12-18Disable poweroff when shell closed on NTRboothax altogether to prevent issu...

f30b7b9master2017-12-18Merge branch 'master' of

16530d3master2017-12-18Merge pull request #972 from LiquidFenrir/ramviewer-fix

20af9c6master2017-12-17Fix issue reported in

57d03d6master2017-12-16Merge pull request #916 from LiquidFenrir/ramviewer-fix

cf8696amaster2017-11-25Disable non-process memory access by default (see below), remove IDA 6.8 su...

9c5766fmaster2017-11-23Merge pull request #945 from astronautlevel2/master

44b5e10master2017-11-10Fix N3DS menu entry

a4899a1master2017-11-3Remove redundant variables in Makefile

22a8661master2017-11-2Always patch FS and P9, remove SM service checks

76dde0emaster2017-10-24Add ram viewer/editor (#877)

95d2d0amaster2017-10-12Update makefile

98d4345master2017-10-7Remove unneeded check

1e4431dmaster2017-10-7Fix ARM9 exceptions displaying ARM11-specific info

d8f3e95master2017-10-7Fix ARM9 exceptions displaying ARM11-specific info

348b175master2017-10-5Fix some fault statuses overlapping to a new line

7820382master2017-10-5Fix some fault statuses overlapping to a new line

7f76f61master2017-10-5Fix some fault statuses overlapping to a new line

76f057dmaster2017-10-5Remove friends patch as it's useless

188400cmaster2017-10-5Use ctrulib functions for mcu/battery level

a74d9c6master2017-10-2Merge pull request #878 from Margen67/master

d63fc2bmaster2017-9-24Fix latest commit

8e31784master2017-9-24Fix thumb breakpoint handling

f27cdb4master2017-9-23Also fix RBGA4 (untested)

f199ecamaster2017-9-23Also fix RBGA4 (untested)

a39adc8master2017-9-23Merge pull request #869 from Streetwalrus/pxfmt

bb5518bmaster2017-9-22Merge branch 'master' of

7075004master2017-9-21Merge pull request #866 from Margen67/master

f46773bmaster2017-9-19Stub isTitleAllowed

4116c1emaster2017-9-6Update FIRM loading magic, only deinit LCDs if they are inited, fix ntrboot...

bc1aa15master2017-8-28Add more checks, make the emuNAND SD check only occur when emuNAND is being...

ecd27f7master2017-8-27Fix diskio indentation

d5d9283master2017-8-27Fix diskio indentation

618ce67master2017-8-27Fix previous commit, deinit screens on ARM9 exception, add check for write ...

788a66cmaster2017-8-27Fix previous commit, deinit screens on ARM9 exception, add check for write ...

2a6a655master2017-8-27Error if emuNAND is booted while the SD card is write protected

33436aemaster2017-8-27Fix derp with previous commit

9f2b66amaster2017-8-27Merge branch 'master' of

538d1demaster2017-8-22Minor style stuff

2492c82master2017-8-21Fix exception display

d358df4master2017-8-20Wait for ntrboot buttons not to be held

dd6e6e9master2017-8-20Wait for ntrboot buttons not to be held

f619dafmaster2017-8-20Added displaying boot source and loader on the bottom screen in the config

0419fc4master2017-8-20Reinstate ntrboot display in config

cd4c76fmaster2017-8-20Reinstate ntrboot display in config

13317b9master2017-8-20Change ntrboot behavior, turn Luma into a chainloader when used as ntrboot ...

18db70amaster2017-8-18Minor style stuff

10beabcmaster2017-8-18Minor style stuff

eb9f838master2017-8-18Minor style stuff

0f9849amaster2017-8-18Minor style stuff

d1221e8master2017-8-18Minor style stuff

32b4dbdmaster2017-8-18Minor style stuff

85f3ac5master2017-8-18Minor style stuff

dc3fa06master2017-8-18Minor style stuff

f799238master2017-8-18Detect NTRCARD and FIRM1 boot sources properly...

c92de03master2017-8-17Always erase exception dump in memory

3f356damaster2017-8-17Merge branch 'master' of

ca2622amaster2017-8-16Fix #778

fbf8a1bmaster2017-8-16Minor code syntax stuff

d5d56e7master2017-8-15Merge pull request #790 from WinterMute/windows-path-fix

a964089master2017-8-15Merge pull request #792 from Nanquitas/master

322a705master2017-8-15Fix #791

009f61amaster2017-8-14Merge pull request #787 from Nanquitas/master

bd1d4a7master2017-8-14Merge pull request #783 from Nanquitas/patch-1

9c6b540master2017-8-13Do not hardcode FBs in ARM11, do not set FBs twice on screen init

d2e911amaster2017-8-13Merge pull request #781 from profi200/master

49c0ab6master2017-8-11Check r0 and r1 too for firm0 detection

93dfb9dmaster2017-8-11Check r0 and r1 too for firm0 detection

8f9c130master2017-8-11Reinstate unsupported loader error

d4193ecmaster2017-8-11Attempt to detect booting from firm

6b9b047master2017-8-11Merge pull request #775 from LiquidFenrir/nwmcheck

f6483ecmaster2017-8-7Merge branch 'master' of

6bcb1f8master2017-8-6Merge pull request #763 from Streetwalrus/ir-title

a0c2b43master2017-8-1Implement loading of exheaders from SD/CTRNAND (must be called luma/t…

1ab4ca3master2017-7-23Merge pull request #744 from Hikari-chin/master

3907c46master2017-7-19Follow ARM's documentation on hw watchpoints to the letter

7e7ab12master2017-7-18Log logged errdisp messages in /luma/errdisp.txt, fixes #707

4475871master2017-7-18Log logged errdisp messages in /luma/errdisp.txt, fixes #730

cfc6cf2master2017-7-16Some kext refactoring

46e9cb6master2017-7-16Fix fallthrough bug

ba14efemaster2017-7-14Suppress future -Wimplicit-fallthrough=3 warnings

37ba2c1master2017-7-9Reinstate framebuffer setup on initScreens to allow old Luma to be chainloa...

557f205master2017-7-6Fix spacing

6b5cc93master2017-7-6Merge branch 'master' of

8845e4dmaster2017-7-5Merge pull request #704 from Hikari-chin/master

89fca38master2017-7-4Merge master into local branch

5d2a731master2017-7-3Fix SetWifiEnabled


d4d0fbdmaster2017-7-1Re-add dir_build variable

ddb8e98master2017-7-1Merge branch 'master' of


31e2243master2017-6-28Update description for enable game patching

da0ee2emaster2017-6-28Fix external 3.x and 4.x FIRMs, fix 1.x and 2.x booting on dev units

804d0ecmaster2017-6-28Fix external 3.x and 4.x FIRMs, fix 1.x and 2.x booting on dev units

b88dc9amaster2017-6-28Only check in .text

25813e4master2017-6-28Only check in .text

9f78d7fmaster2017-6-28Add region-free manuals patch

e67c6edmaster2017-6-26Change pattern

a9289b1master2017-6-26Merge pull request #662 from MerryMage/dsp-sig

d42e938master2017-6-26Restore 7.1 max module size for NATIVE_FIRM

8214321master2017-6-26Remove the need for Homebrew and GNU tools on macOS

9b3a783master2017-6-26Remove the need for Homebrew and GNU tools on macOS

205d312master2017-6-26Remove the need for Homebrew and GNU tools on macOS

7246a26master2017-6-26Move section0 to second quarter of VRAM

91378efmaster2017-6-24Fix menu display bugs

0377cbdmaster2017-6-22Merge branch 'master' of

1782827master2017-6-18Revamp config format, add saving of Rosalina opt.

901d499master2017-6-9Attempt fixing svcConnectToPortInitHook.s again

4d47d89master2017-6-9Fix max module size check, static-ify more strings

a704690master2017-6-9Use static const when appropriate

4bc9597master2017-6-9Revert #949d219c726e41cca84c873e7e200be14af13f63 (breaks building on *nix)

949d219master2017-6-9lolwut this fixes building on WSL

84d736cmaster2017-6-7Refactor fatalExceptionHandlers.s a bit

a16d1ebmaster2017-6-7Refactor k11 main hook

43f3c84master2017-6-7Merge branch 'master' of

c06de4cir2017-6-7inputredirection hook in ir:user cpp emulation => c-stick works in games no...

4429cb2master2017-6-4Refactor chronometer functions

b97afc7master2017-6-4Refactor chronometer functions

44c0d8dmaster2017-6-4Refactor chronometer functions

cab54d1master2017-6-4Move i2c delay to i2c.c

4c87800b9s-next2017-6-1Rework whitelist check patch

080a8ccb9s-next2017-6-1Add DS cart whitelist patch for home menu (both versions of the func should...

8308e1amaster2017-5-31Merge pull request #479 from Margen67/master

9570e6cmaster2017-5-31Merge pull request #472 from gnmmarechal/master

36dcf43b9s-next2017-5-29Update gitignore, Minor style changes

7737588b9s-next2017-5-29Update gitignore, Minor style changes

6a8da59b9s-next2017-5-29Change directory structure

ab03ea4b9s-next2017-5-29More complete TWL key init

90f29afb9s-next2017-5-26Merge into local branch/fix crt0 derp

a75e207b9s-next2017-5-26Backport FIRM whitelist from b9s

602eec7b9s-next2017-5-26Merge branch 'b9s-next' of into b9s...

de88a84b9s-next2017-5-25Fix call to patchK11ModuleLoading

6221187b9s-next2017-5-25Fix call to patchK11ModuleLoading

4ac2f95b9s-next2017-5-25Not needed/usable

3cdcd4fb9s-next2017-5-25Remove hardcoded CTRNAND FAT offsets, calculate them from parsing NCSD + CT...

af44149gpu-fuckery2017-5-25Added non-working GPU shutdown function in deinitScreens.

8b4dda7gpu-fuckery2017-5-25Added GPU shutdown function in deinitScreens.

a187c0cmaster2017-5-23Update w/r/t firmtool